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Limu, Ethiopia - Single Origin, Light Roast
Limu, Ethiopia - Single Origin, Light Roast
Limu, Ethiopia - Single Origin, Light Roast
Limu, Ethiopia - Single Origin, Light Roast

Limu, Ethiopia - Single Origin, Light Roast

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This single-origin light roast is special. We are proud to carry a natural processed roast from the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia. This light roast is packed with flavor as the chocolate, blueberry, and honey flavor notes take your tastebuds on a journey to where it all began. If you love to drink your coffee black, this roast makes a bold, energizing cup with a fruity aftertaste!

Thinking of subscribing? This bag yields 24 standard (6 oz) cups per 12 oz bag, which is approximately a $0.58 cost per cup! And don’t forget that shipping is only $1 on recurring subscription orders.

5% of all BLK & Bold profits are contributed to initiatives that support improving the lives and futures of traditionally underserved youth. 

All orders from the BLK & Bold website ship in 3-5 business days.

  • Single-origin light roast
  • Flavor profile: Chocolate, blueberry, honey
  • Process: Natural
  • Altitude: 1900 -2000 masl

Customer Reviews

Based on 161 reviews
Sharita Jackson
Love This Coffee!

Love this coffee! The aroma hits me as soon as I open the package. And the flavor is amazing.
I make sure I have it on auto ship so I never run out.

Amie Cazel
My favorite go-to morning cup

Hits all the right notes and what I hope for in a light roast

Great for cold brew!

I love mixing these beans with some medium roast Ethiopian beans I already had for cold brew. The light roast seems to add more complexity to the overall brew. Delicious!

Krista E.
My favorite coffee

I’ve never been a huge coffee fan but then I tried BLK & Bold Limu, Ethiopia single origin light roast. It has a wonderful fruity flavor that reminds me of blueberries. A great coffee to enjoy any time. Highly recommend.

c. kelly
Occasional Converted Starbucks Drinker

I do not drink coffee on the regular basis. I visit my local Starbucks to support my community; but, also, for a delicious treat. I saw an ad for the brand during Black History Month and decided to give it a shot. My bag is almost empty and I wanted to share my review. WOW! I didn't think a combination of chocolate, blueberry, and honey would work; but, it does. I look forward to not only the smell of the coffee brewing in my Keurig machine; but, also, the taste is as good as the smell. I enjoy this purchase and thrilled my indulgence is also supporting "our" youth. Great work. Thank You for taking the time to ensure your selection of ingredients are worthy of your name.

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